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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Poochy - part three

But first, Happy Birthday to Julia! It was yesterday, and we had a wonderful evening strolling the magical, wintery Ledoux Street, with all the lights and galleries and happy people in the snow. Here's Julia and her darlin' Rick. Aren't they cute?And now, more Poochy!
Click the pictures to make them bigger...

I'll have more for you tomorrow, after I post beads. I have a lot of new, giftable things this week. Hope you like them!


Mary Timme said...

No wonder you loved this book! It really is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I'll look at beads tomorrow when they are up and you can tell Rick I have a bit of his cold. It must travel up the front range of the Rockies!

Anonymous said...

such a wonderful book!!!!!! thanks for sharing, so much fun looking at your blog and pictures!!!! joyce c..

Michelle said...

Ahhh, Kim, I love Poochy, he's SO cute ! Can't wait for the next installment ! I also look forward to your new set of beads - of course !!!
Hope Rick is feeling better now !
Luv, Michelle