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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


How quickly things change...
The weather in Oregon was bad news yesterday. Many inches of snow. So the executive decision was to postpone Rick's trip for a couple of weeks. I guess whatever piece of lands is "ours" will wait under a frozen blanket until we can get there to adopt it. We have to trust that everything is OK, and these delays and changes in our well-made plans are for good reason. Still... it's kind of disappointing. I've just been reading Eric Francis's take on Mercury Retrograde, so I'm not taking this too personally. Just gotta roll with it, baby...

The good news is, my violin is here! Not that I'll have time to give it much attention for a while, but it somehow promises easier times ahead. I trust it when it whispers to me.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Danny!

Yep, my kids were born four years and two days apart. No, it was not on purpose. And as it turns out, our dog Lucy has her birthday on the day in between the kids'. This week each year is one big long party. So today, here's to Danny, my first born, and one of my favorite people! Happy Birthday Danny!!!

Also in the news today, Jean Yates interviewed me a while back. You can read the whole thing on her blog. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Today is my baby's birthday. This video was taken a couple of weeks ago, when she got a nice gift from my Bead Friend Michelle in England. As you can see, she enjoys gifts a lot. We're not with her today, but I hope she has lots of happy moments like this. Of course you can post your birthday wishes for her here, and I'll be sure she sees them!

Friday, January 25, 2008

my violin

Well, I did it. I ordered a violin this morning. It's my gift to myself for my kids' birthdays this week. I think I deserve a little something for bringing two such lovely people into the world. It's also a consolation prize... I'd been planning to go to France with the Kate McKinnon gang in July. I finally had to realize that it would be nuts to try to do that in the middle of moving to Oregon. I'm bummed about France, but happy about the violin. It's cheaper than a trip, and I'll have it a lot longer. I'm amused at how I turned the purchase of a violin into something "practical"! It's all about the journey anyway, right?

For all you real musicians out there, this is nothing fancy. Having no music stores in the area, and no experience with the violin, I did a lot of looking around online. I ended up going with this Gliga Genial 1 - a nice student model that didn't break the bank, but also wasn't the cheapest thing out there. I think it's really pretty, and I'm really looking forward to learning to play it.... slowly, on my own, because there are no teachers here either. Wish me luck. And don't listen to closely for a while! Anyway, it's the journey I'm interested in, not the destination.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

give us back our ruby slippers

Maybe I'm taking this to seriously, but did you see what Oprah did yesterday? The real Ruby Slippers made a wonderful guest appearance on her show, traveling from the Smithsonian with guards and very high security. When I saw them, silly girl that I am, I got tears in my eyes. The shoes, even though they're a movie prop, represent possibility, magic, and faith to anyone who knows and loves the 'Wizard Of Oz'. They must be important to us as a culture, or they wouldn't be in the Smithsonian. I found myself sort of overwhelmed with a childish belief in the absolute power of beautiful, magical shoes......

Oprah asked again and again if she could touch them, and was gently, repeatedly told by Dr. Glass, the museum director, that, no, she could not. Eventually she wore the poor guy down, and not only touched the slippers, but grabbed then, picked them up, and waved them around in the air. Such arrogance from someone who makes such a big deal over respecting culture, heritage, and history. She behaved like a spoiled brat, bringing to mind the hideous Veruca Salt, from Willy Wonka.... "I want it now, Daddy!"

Saturday, January 19, 2008

dr. feelgood

I guess I have a mild case of the winter blahs. It's cold outside, and it's hard to keep the house warm. Plus there's been all this lovely construction going on here all week. It's almost done, and the floors are so much nicer now (I'll show you when they're all, all done), but still, the commotion is kerbobbling... sure, it's a word.

I just kind of feel like hibernating. It's hard to get me to leave the house at all these days. Rick dragged me out for dinner last night, but that was only because I knew there was nothing to eat in the house, and we were both too tired to cook. Other than that, I'm in for the weekend. But it's interesting how little bits of comfort are finding their way to me. Friends are dropping in later today, and things are coming to me in emails and by way of the Taos News, which normally has nothing much to offer.

In case you're in need of a little comfort, I'll share with you here...

My dear pal Sally Reed, in Seattle, has just launched three beautiful blogs, to support her two businesses, and one just for fun. I happen to think all three are fun. Here you go! Seattle Hypnosis Center, Akua Healing Arts, and SkyBluPinkyPurple.

Next up, I saw an ad in the Taos News this morning for the Moenavi Clothing Company. They make and sell warm, wonderful hats, and put a lot of their profits into clothing for the the local homeless shelter. You know me... I'm all over a good deed that doubles as a shopping experience! I bought a hat. As cold as it's been here lately, I could use a full body hat!

And last - yes, this one is kind of odd - I got the most caring, comforting, "forwarded" email from my friend Jeanne in Santa Fe. Normally I don't read these things because they're too long, and forwards generally don't feel personal. But I did read this one for some reason, and when I got to the end of it, I realized it was a "channelled" message from Mary Magdalene. Believe it or not. Read it or not. I'll just tell you it made me feel better.

"I INVITE YOU,.who are drenched in Time to recover your Self
come out of time and taste your immortal air go back as far as you can to find them....
Gifts of understanding and compassion that only pain can give.
a passion for truth and beauty that only suppression from past lives can give.
a desire for fire. for light that only the depths of darkness can bring forth.
a fire that burns so strong it can purify, burn away, transform.
it can return and start anew. from the ancestors. from our mother's bones.
and we, can tell the story, we can go back far as our bones.

i invite you to go that far.

go, so that you can feel the bones and bring them back.
to where we can learn and grow them here.
be patient. you cannot rush this deep and ancient process.

we call this into the night, we burn away years of grief and pain,
blood spilled upon the earth.
we raise our eyes from the ground and i see ourselves reflected.

all of our metaphors are merging.
we remember.
we who have already seen it all.

the We who wander the wilderness and feel no thirst.

I write these words to you from a place beyond time, to tell you what you of great heart must know from within it. You stand at a crucial moment, one which can allow you wondrous advantage in the time of the turning of the great wheel.

As you begin this new year a vacuum is opened in which you can reconsider your reality. This is a powerful opportunity, for it is in your reality that the seed of the greater collective is born.

This, beings of flame and light, is the year to reclaim your power. For you will need it for the road ahead, and it will be the bearer of your joy. This is not a passive process. To reclaim your power is to investigate your heart, seek out the places you have given its gold away, and actively recover it. The gold of your heart can only truly be shared from within, and the places we may have partitioned it out will only weaken our energy fields at a time when their strength is needed.

You will need your voice. If you have lost it you will have to find it. You are its mother, so it will never be too far from your reach. It is time to cull from the clay of your being, and create yourself anew.

It is a time to take a retreat, or to make space to reflect in writing or thought. It is a time to consider all the people, places, situations and things in your life and decide if they are supporting you or drawing from you. This you must know, for this is the simplest of ways to strengthen your field.

Then you must decide. You must decide who you are going to be when your power is truly your own again, and the life you want to live from it.

When you decide the life you would like to have, do not do so in fear. Do not choose a life based on potential catastrophe or in expectancy of poverty. For this is not what you wish to bring forward. You must be aware, educated and prepared for that which you are led to prepare for. But should you make the choices about your future or new life in fear, it will make a very weak foundation.

The coming year marks the beginning of the end of the world you know. This can be a reason for terror or for throwing a celebration. It is you who decides. This world has known catastrophe before, just as you in your own life have known catastrophe before. For that reason you know that fearing it will bring no good. We must know joy to build reserves of energy which would serve us in times of challenge. We must have a light load within if we wish to float rather than sink in the seas of uncertainty.

For when I say this year marks the beginning of the end, you may focus on the end, or you may focus on the beginning. For it is more truly, the beginning or the end.

How differently might you see your life if you thought this year was the beginning of a new era, rather than the descent into great destruction and distress? If we are all dreading the time of change, who will anchor the joy of the new? If we are all in labor pain, who will assist with the birth?

But our joy cannot be abstract. It must be inspired. It must come from within, and be allowed to take form in our outer lives at the very personal level. And joy cannot be forced. We can only make way for it.

Here are my offerings of how to cultivate your inner earth for joy to take seed and root, to make your life thriving and prosperous with flower and fruit.

Don't postpone your bliss. There is no reason it can't start now.

Find, with great courage, the places you have been giving your power away, and say goodbye to them. For if you are giving your power away repeatedly, joy cannot find consistent sanctuary within you.

Dream a new vision. Turn a page in your life and imagine that the entirety of your future is a blank slate. Do not paint misfortune onto it as a background just because your world is in change. See the change as good. Bless the change. Trust that the universe will take care of you, and follow the guidance it gives you. Prepare when and how you must for whatever you feel may be around the corners in your life, but try not to do so out of fear, and instead out of calm and centered response to your guidance.

When you are choosing what to paint on this blank page, choose powerfully. Choose to carry over only that which nourishes you and reflects you. Think radically. Let go radically. Love yourself radically.

This is a year of setting foundation for the changes to come, and you want yours to be strong and full of supportive resourcefulness and creative energy. Do not give up on your dreams because the world is shifting. She is shifting to encompass them.

Draw or write about your visions for your future before or at the time of the new year. Revisit and add to or change them several times. Daydream about them. Pray, if you choose, to me for three days either in the morning, before sleeping, or during your meditation or writing if you would like assistance with your new vision or reclaiming your power. Then look for signs in your life in response.

Know that I am with you. For I have returned to the consciousness of the many as the embodiment of the return of the goddess, in communion with god, in androgynous wholeness, in divine oneness. I am the second coming, and I come forward in you. Know your power. It is all that is needed for the birth of the new world. Begin the new world now. Do not wait. Begin to live it in your life, and create it around you. You are the hope and the light, and the joy of my heart.


OK - that's all I have for you today. I think we all need a little extra love this time of year. If you have something to share with us, please post it in a comment!
Smooches to you all!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

new Flip video

We have this cute new Flip video camera, and lots of silly practice videos of the Family Christmas and all that. I won't torture you with those, but I think this one is worth sharing. This is a friend's little boy, Jordan, and Heidi the Wonder Dog.

I dare you not to at least crack a grin...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hit the floor

We're starting a big, messy new-floor project today. By "we" I mean Rick... He and our handy pal Peter will do all the work while I try to ignore the chaos as much as possible. Of course I know that chaos is "where great dreams begin". I have the print on my wall and the tattoo on my arm. Still... I really hate living in the midst of home renovations. It's different than construction because it first requires destruction and all the surprises that come along with it. But this is a necessary project that has to be done before we can sell the house. The kitchen, hall, and bathroom floors are simply too hideous to hide. We have cracking 70's linoleum with tape holding it together, beat up wood, and nasty, nasty carpet that just can't be cleaned again. Who in the world would put carpet in a bathroom? And why did we live with it for almost seven years? Ick!!!

Rick's on his way to Lowe's in Espanola now. I'm on my way to the studio, where I plan to hide out as much as possible while all this takes place. Wish us luck!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the party's over

Difficult day. Lauren went back to school and took Heidi with her. Yes, Heidi's owner wants her back, astonishing as that is to me. It's so entirely obvious that the little sweetie-pie belongs here with us, but what can we do... she isn't ours. Nothing really is, after all, now is it?

After they left, we took Christmas down and cleaned up the house a little bit. All the changes we're planning suddenly seem to be set into motion. Planning change is fun. Doing it is scary. Not that I'll allow fear to be a deciding factor in any part of my life. Fear based decisions are almost always wrong... unless you're being chased by a lion and decide to get the hell away from it... that kind of fear is decidedly healthy.

But anyway, I'm wandering off a bit. Oregon is the next stop, sometime in the early summer. We have lots to do before that actually happens. But tonight, I think I'll just make some cookies. I feel a little like the air bed we just put away... kind of deflated. Tomorrow I'll take a deep breath and be filled again.

Monday, January 07, 2008

today's news

Have you noticed that I'm not posting a lot of beads lately? It's because I've been adding some things to my website, and want it all neat and tidy before I take it to the streets. One page is finished now, so feel free to have a look. I've decided it's time to offer my special Memorial Beads, which I've made for a while now for friends and family. They have a little bit of a departed loved one's ashes (cremains) in them. I know - some people will find this creepy. But I know from experience that a lot of people take great comfort in such a personal treasure, so I'm happy to make them. Honored even.

As for the other beads, I'll have some ready to go around Thursday this week. And I'll also have some wonderful "magic" Vibuthi Beads. What's that? Well, Vibuthi (also spelled Vibhuti and Vibhooti) is sacred ash from burned incense. I have a small amount of it that came from Sai Baba's ashram in India. I used it in the sample Memorial Beads, and it ocurred to me that some of you might like these. It's reported to have magical, transformative qualities, and I've been adding it to beads for friends for years. People who own them tell me they feel peace and tranquility when wearing them. I've been wearing one for several days straight now, while I put all the new projects together, and I have to say, things are going really well since my little meltdown the other day. Sometimes a meltdown clears the way for a breakthrough. I don't know that I can credit a bead for all this, but I'm still wearing it just the same! Even Caroline Myss uses Vibuthi in her Sacred Light Candles, so who knows? Maybe there's something to it!

Now while you wait for me to get my act together, have a look at my friend MJ's ebay store. She's found herself forced to support herself by selling many of her personal bead treasures. She tells me she'll be adding many Artist Beads to the store this week. I know her taste and some of her collection... you're likely to scoop up some really wonderful things, and will help her out too!

And one more (let's not make a habit of this folks... I'm trying to make a living too!) Pam has been a great customer of mine for years, and is also selling some of her prized bead collection. She has two listings for some lovely "vintage Kim" beads.
Here and here.

Have a good week. I'll be back in a few days!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

sometimes you just gotta paint something

Man... I'm really struggling with all the pesky details of getting a new year in gear. I have all these great things about to happen, and somehow, I just can't get my shit together. My apologies to Zoe and anyone else who might be offended. I'm not usually a public potty mouth, but I feel strongly about this today... shitshitshit.

Change is swirling around me like the scary ghosts in Scrooge. I even gravitated to my "Purgatory" earrings this morning. I'm in it deep, but what it is, I really don't know. All I can do is embrace the Chaos, and see where it leads me...

Meanwhile, on a light and cheery note, Rick and I took the kids to paint pottery last week. We were desperate for entertainment, and there's not much to do around here. As it turned out, we all had a really fun time. We might even do it again. Our first attempts are sort of odd in places, but like my favorite art teacher always said - perfection is boring. Maybe I'll just forget my own personal technical difficulties today and go paint another pot. Mine here is the goofy striped bowl in the back, next to Bennie's new dog bowl.... maybe a new career is in the works... or not...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

I think that how you spend New Year's Eve influences the tone of the coming year. I hope it's true, because we had a really wonderful evening here at home with our very good friends, Deborah and Thomas. We usually prefer a quiet sort of celebration, away from crowds of strangers. So we just hung out here, friends, food, dogs, cats, music... nothing more to need. I always write my hopes and wishes for the New Year on a piece of paper, and burn them in the fireplace to send them out to the Universe. Remember that scene in Mary Poppins? It's a very good little spell for New Year's Eve.

Watching Heidi (the sweet little wein-ette dog who's spending her Winter Break with us), and Daisy (our old but lovey boy-cat) cuddled together between us on the couch, I can't help but optimistically predict a year of quiet harmony. Sure, there's a lot about to happen in our little life, and always a world full of chaos, but it's still possible to find pockets of peace here and there. Peace Pockets... sounds like something good to eat. Let's feed 'em to the world.

Here's wishing you a New Year filled with Love, Light, Truth, Beauty, Health, Prosperity, and yes, even Peace.