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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

I think that how you spend New Year's Eve influences the tone of the coming year. I hope it's true, because we had a really wonderful evening here at home with our very good friends, Deborah and Thomas. We usually prefer a quiet sort of celebration, away from crowds of strangers. So we just hung out here, friends, food, dogs, cats, music... nothing more to need. I always write my hopes and wishes for the New Year on a piece of paper, and burn them in the fireplace to send them out to the Universe. Remember that scene in Mary Poppins? It's a very good little spell for New Year's Eve.

Watching Heidi (the sweet little wein-ette dog who's spending her Winter Break with us), and Daisy (our old but lovey boy-cat) cuddled together between us on the couch, I can't help but optimistically predict a year of quiet harmony. Sure, there's a lot about to happen in our little life, and always a world full of chaos, but it's still possible to find pockets of peace here and there. Peace Pockets... sounds like something good to eat. Let's feed 'em to the world.

Here's wishing you a New Year filled with Love, Light, Truth, Beauty, Health, Prosperity, and yes, even Peace.

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Norine said...

I love your "peace pockets" comments. It's a good time to reflect on what our pockets are, how large they are and what is in them. May we all put a priority on grand pockets of gratitude and forgiveness - two things introduced to us initially in the guise of religion. We don't seem to have a natural affinity for this understanding, so I hope we spread them, share them and feed them to others freely - for us to take more them seriously and joyously. Happy New Year to you. Norine