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Monday, January 07, 2008

today's news

Have you noticed that I'm not posting a lot of beads lately? It's because I've been adding some things to my website, and want it all neat and tidy before I take it to the streets. One page is finished now, so feel free to have a look. I've decided it's time to offer my special Memorial Beads, which I've made for a while now for friends and family. They have a little bit of a departed loved one's ashes (cremains) in them. I know - some people will find this creepy. But I know from experience that a lot of people take great comfort in such a personal treasure, so I'm happy to make them. Honored even.

As for the other beads, I'll have some ready to go around Thursday this week. And I'll also have some wonderful "magic" Vibuthi Beads. What's that? Well, Vibuthi (also spelled Vibhuti and Vibhooti) is sacred ash from burned incense. I have a small amount of it that came from Sai Baba's ashram in India. I used it in the sample Memorial Beads, and it ocurred to me that some of you might like these. It's reported to have magical, transformative qualities, and I've been adding it to beads for friends for years. People who own them tell me they feel peace and tranquility when wearing them. I've been wearing one for several days straight now, while I put all the new projects together, and I have to say, things are going really well since my little meltdown the other day. Sometimes a meltdown clears the way for a breakthrough. I don't know that I can credit a bead for all this, but I'm still wearing it just the same! Even Caroline Myss uses Vibuthi in her Sacred Light Candles, so who knows? Maybe there's something to it!

Now while you wait for me to get my act together, have a look at my friend MJ's ebay store. She's found herself forced to support herself by selling many of her personal bead treasures. She tells me she'll be adding many Artist Beads to the store this week. I know her taste and some of her collection... you're likely to scoop up some really wonderful things, and will help her out too!

And one more (let's not make a habit of this folks... I'm trying to make a living too!) Pam has been a great customer of mine for years, and is also selling some of her prized bead collection. She has two listings for some lovely "vintage Kim" beads.
Here and here.

Have a good week. I'll be back in a few days!


White Iris Designs said...

Your memorial beads are such a wonderful idea & they are beautiful. My stepfather just passed away & that is a wonderful idea for my mother to use some of the cremains. Thanks for sharing your talents!

Norine said...

Hi Kim,
Intellectually I understand the death/life concept you are so generously offering others; and I am one of those who do find it less than interesting. I find organ parts creepy, too. I expect to find veins and pulsing blood from lovely floral and tortured wire hearts - and I cannot stand heights. AND my reactions have nothing to do with you. I am so glad you also make gorgeous swirls and flowers - and dots and lines. In any case, you are treasured for your (not boring) talents - which are perfect. Norine

Anonymous said...


I cannot believe the timing of your Memorial Beads announcement. My mother passed away on Sunday morning, and I saw the M.B. page on Monday morning. She is going to be cremated, and as soon as I receive her cremains, I will send you some to have a bead made.



Francoise said...

I read the new Memorial Beads page and I think it is a truly beautiful idea. My father passed away 5 and a half years ago, and even if I do not need any "thing" to think about him every single day, it would be so nice to have such a bead -- something to reach for, to comfort me. ;+)