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Saturday, January 05, 2008

sometimes you just gotta paint something

Man... I'm really struggling with all the pesky details of getting a new year in gear. I have all these great things about to happen, and somehow, I just can't get my shit together. My apologies to Zoe and anyone else who might be offended. I'm not usually a public potty mouth, but I feel strongly about this today... shitshitshit.

Change is swirling around me like the scary ghosts in Scrooge. I even gravitated to my "Purgatory" earrings this morning. I'm in it deep, but what it is, I really don't know. All I can do is embrace the Chaos, and see where it leads me...

Meanwhile, on a light and cheery note, Rick and I took the kids to paint pottery last week. We were desperate for entertainment, and there's not much to do around here. As it turned out, we all had a really fun time. We might even do it again. Our first attempts are sort of odd in places, but like my favorite art teacher always said - perfection is boring. Maybe I'll just forget my own personal technical difficulties today and go paint another pot. Mine here is the goofy striped bowl in the back, next to Bennie's new dog bowl.... maybe a new career is in the works... or not...

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Jean said...

wow!!! you ALL HAVE TALENT! that bowl of yours is filled with glamor!!! I love it!!!!

now I am picturing the first Indiana Jones movie, and the quandry he would have been in, if this had been his selection, toward the end of the movie...where he has to choose a container which is the one and only! Which one...which one? Oh the complications of this decision! xox jean Yikes! :)