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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hit the floor

We're starting a big, messy new-floor project today. By "we" I mean Rick... He and our handy pal Peter will do all the work while I try to ignore the chaos as much as possible. Of course I know that chaos is "where great dreams begin". I have the print on my wall and the tattoo on my arm. Still... I really hate living in the midst of home renovations. It's different than construction because it first requires destruction and all the surprises that come along with it. But this is a necessary project that has to be done before we can sell the house. The kitchen, hall, and bathroom floors are simply too hideous to hide. We have cracking 70's linoleum with tape holding it together, beat up wood, and nasty, nasty carpet that just can't be cleaned again. Who in the world would put carpet in a bathroom? And why did we live with it for almost seven years? Ick!!!

Rick's on his way to Lowe's in Espanola now. I'm on my way to the studio, where I plan to hide out as much as possible while all this takes place. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,
In our home in NO [before Katrina, of course], we did a similar project - our kitchen floor was hideous sheet vinyl in a brick motif. Richard pulled it up, dug through two more layers of old grungy tiles, and found beneath it all a beautiful cypress wood floor, which he refinished to its original beauty. All of our cypress floors came through Katrina - immersed in flood water for 3 weeks - with nary a problem. Wood floors are good!


Norine said...

"Bless you" is all I can think of. We all hope to see lots of beads now - both in defense of your space and in expense of project
:-). My own flooring needs to be replaced, but it will happen as I move out the door, shudder. Norine