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Sunday, January 13, 2008

the party's over

Difficult day. Lauren went back to school and took Heidi with her. Yes, Heidi's owner wants her back, astonishing as that is to me. It's so entirely obvious that the little sweetie-pie belongs here with us, but what can we do... she isn't ours. Nothing really is, after all, now is it?

After they left, we took Christmas down and cleaned up the house a little bit. All the changes we're planning suddenly seem to be set into motion. Planning change is fun. Doing it is scary. Not that I'll allow fear to be a deciding factor in any part of my life. Fear based decisions are almost always wrong... unless you're being chased by a lion and decide to get the hell away from it... that kind of fear is decidedly healthy.

But anyway, I'm wandering off a bit. Oregon is the next stop, sometime in the early summer. We have lots to do before that actually happens. But tonight, I think I'll just make some cookies. I feel a little like the air bed we just put away... kind of deflated. Tomorrow I'll take a deep breath and be filled again.

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Michelle said...

Hi Kim,
I really hope you'll feel much better today. You have a lot of things to look forward to this year and lots and lots of lovely, lovely beads to make too !! ;o)