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Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Danny!

Yep, my kids were born four years and two days apart. No, it was not on purpose. And as it turns out, our dog Lucy has her birthday on the day in between the kids'. This week each year is one big long party. So today, here's to Danny, my first born, and one of my favorite people! Happy Birthday Danny!!!

Also in the news today, Jean Yates interviewed me a while back. You can read the whole thing on her blog. Enjoy!


chaetoons said...

Congrats on the birthdays, Kim.
And congrats on the violin, too!
Something which might help: (haven't a clue what type of music you prefer) but JayDean Ludiker has several fiddle books out and these helped me considerably for she has the songs on a page with notes, then a page with chords and also a CD disk which lets you hear the tune and follow the notes. Found this a wonderful method of learning to play. My violin playing improved tremendously with the help of her books!
Good luck with your new violin!!!
P.S. Here's the link to her site:

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Danny!!!

we love you!