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Monday, November 03, 2008

back to yes

I seem to have crossed back over to the Land Of Yes... that place where nothing is really different, but somehow it's all just working better. The PayPal glitch was worked out, and I want to thank the buyer for getting right on the problem and clearing it up. Turns out, she hadn't canceled the payment at all. The bank did, the stinkers. As we know, they can pretty much do what they want...

Anyway - all those little sticky bits of business that were hanging me up a few days ago are cleaned up now. My new website and shopping cart are purring along, and all the stacking, sorting, and packing we need to do is actually getting done. I'm organized and calm and nearly ready to roll. Of course that calm is only on the surface of the pond... the deeper waters are a lot more turbulent and murky. I know this only because I'm still not sleeping. I even resorted to taking an actual sleeping pill last night, and I still woke up at 1AM. OK - I surrender. By the time we get on that plane, I'll be ready for a nice long nap.

OK - back to the packing...


Welcome to the Group Gratitude Journal!
(What's this about? Read the Gratitude Alert post!)

Please make your entries in the "comments" area below.

Today I am grateful for...

Large suitcases.

Rick, who does all the grocery shopping.

Rick again, who baked cherry chocolate brownies the other day, and blueberry muffins this morning. Mmmmmm......

Your turn!


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Glad you got everything cleared up :).

I'm thankful for:

2 November, because that is my hubby's birthday and our (now) 7 year-olds' birthday as well. What better bday present than having a daughter, eh lol?

Recipes for Pumpkin Rolls w/ cream cheese filling. Nummy nummy.

Having a chance to write more for NaNoWriMo. How much fun is it to take the real crap of my young life and add some flair for the world to read :>

Penny \IiiI
Texan landed in Michigan

Michelle said...

Glad everything came together OK Kim; hope you have a really good trip (and lots of (much needed) sleep !)
Lots of love, stay safe,
Michelle (in the UK)xoxoxox

Danne said...

Wow! I hope you get some zzz's on the plane. Maybe your just going like the energizer bunny with all that is on your plate right now. I find for me that Change is always a stress even when I want it and work for it, leaving your life even for a short time isn't easy even when I am prepared. You will have a great trip and an awesome experience. Hopefully with out the sand man in your eyes! or a 1:00 am wake up while in Africa.

Did someone say Cherry Chocolate Brownies?

Peace ~ danne

I am grateful for:

This cloudy, breezy, cool day

The 2 baby squirrels that keep playing outside my window

Buddy, the Boxer who wants nothing more than to lay his head on my lap