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Saturday, November 01, 2008

halloween in taos

I'm still struggling with my website today. But the domain redirection should be all sorted out in about 24 hours... I hope! Still stacking, sorting, and packing the lovely piles of crap, but at least I'm making progress. Yesterday was kind of overwhelming (is it possible to be just "whelmed"?). It was a good thing that we decided to go to town for a little Halloween fun. We came home feeling much more balanced, and it was a beautiful evening, so we sat outside later and watched the tiny new moon peep through the clouds and slip behind the hills. Deep breath... there we go...

Today we're back at it. Rick is out canvassing for Obama. He's a Canvass Captain. I'm very proud. As we say here in New Mexico, Obamanos!!! I'm here taking care of business. We all have our jobs to do. So while I get back to work, here's a little entertainment for you. Halloween in Taos is always a lot of fun! Bees and Beadists For Obama!


Welcome to the Group Gratitude Journal!
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Today I am grateful for...


And then Dia de los Muertos.

The silly fun of costumes.

Your turn!


Francoise said...

Today I'm grateful for:

Halloween fun that makes us all feel lie kids

Beautiful fall days

Walking the dog

Michelle said...

Lovely photos Kim !!!
Glad you all had a good time !