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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is what I'm seeing from my perch at the dining room table this morning. See the little casita out there, behind the fireplace? I'm thinking of moving my studio out there. If we stay "stuck" here much longer, we'll consider turning my present studio into a rent-able little apartment. This place isn't paying for itself, but maybe it could help out a little bit. Besides, it might be nice to have a new view from the torch, and a short walk to work through the snow. I love the snow.

We decided not to decorate for Christmas this year. Not that we're mean old Humbugs. Not at all. We're enjoying the Dickens out of the season... It just seems like way too much effort to drag all those dusty boxes in from the shed, and drape all that stuff all over the house, just so we can take it down again in a couple of weeks. We're planning a very small Christmas this year, and two of the three kids won't even be here. Danny is going to Germany to visit a buddy in the military who's stationed there, and Lauren has just moved to Denver, and has plans there with a friend's family. Julia, at 27, is happy just to hang out with us, so we're pretty much off the hook as far as creating a Magical Holiday is concerned. Let it create itself. We did a terrific job last year, with a house full of family and dogs, and more darn merriment than one family deserves. This year, it all feels different. Not bad. Just different. We're embracing all the changes, all the chaos, all the uncertainty... nothing much to do but roll with it, and enjoy the ride, along with the view.

And when it comes to decorating, well, there are plenty of lights and sparkles and cheery scenes in Taos. All we have to do is take a quick drive into town. Taos is decorating herself today too. The snow is falling and drifting in layers like fluffy comforters, pillows, scarves, and veils. At night the moon lights it all up with that famous luster of mid-day, and when the sun comes out in another day or two, we'll take the snow shoes off the wall, and tromp out across the neighborhood to breathe it all in, to become part of where we are again.

We're still standing in two worlds - Ethiopia and Taos. I wonder how long it will take to bring all my attention back to where I sit now. I wonder if it will ever happen.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

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