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Saturday, March 14, 2009

bead show & tell

I just spent two days at BeadFest in Santa Fe, where I saw lots of beads, and even better, lots of favorite friends. Times being what they are, I didn't buy the usual ton of stuff I might have in past years, but I still found some lovely things that just had to come home with me. I didn't notice until I got it all together in one neat pile that I was operating on some kind of of theme. Just look at the colors; how everything gets along so well together, in a nice sunny sort of way. I can't wait to dig in and play with all of it. Ideas are bubbling up!

1 comment:

Michelle in the UK said...

Hi Kim !
These look yummie and gorgeous !!! I love those bright springy colours ! It looks like Amber and Citrine, beautiful ! I sometimes find that, when I'm looking for beads I tend to go for similar shades, maybe it's like a palate in your head !
Gorgeous !!! Happy day ! So glad you enjoyed the BeadFest !