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Sunday, March 29, 2009

still on hold, but holding on

It got cold again here. Even snowed a little bit a couple of days ago in that big storm that dumped on Denver. The poor little daffodils shivered and pouted, but they're hanging in there, waiting for the spring temperatures to return. They give me courage.

My cousin called me last night, from the Grand Canyon. He thought of me there, remembering how much I love the place. It made me a little bit wistful, wishing I was there too, to greet the condors as they return to the south rim after a long winter away. But again, there's reason to feel encouraged. Our plans to "go mobile" are well under way. We've even made a reservation at the Trailer Village at Grand Canyon, trusting that we'll actually have a trailer by the time we're scheduled to go there.

We still need to wait for a few things to line up, in their own sweet time of course. It all sort of hinges on the house re-finance closing, and that should happen this week. Then we just need to sell two vehicles, buy a big-ass truck, then buy a trailer, then find a suitable renter for our beautiful house, and then work like mad to sort and pack our stuff so we can be on our way by June 1st. Seems doable.

This has turned into a long process, but that's OK. Probably even perfect. It actually started a couple of years ago. There's been a continual stream of puzzles and set-backs, but of course, as always, these have been useful to us. We've had all the time we need to do the research, ask the questions, and make the right choices. Flexibility and Patience are key. And I expect we'll need to keep in tune with both of those things as we roll down the road. We'll take our cues from the daffodils, those persistent little wonders, who hold their heads up no matter what, and always trust the Process.


Allegra Smith said...

"The peaches will fall when they are ready" my parents gardener used to say to us when we were children, waiting impatiently under the trees for the promise of those juicy wonders. Your peaches are indeed ripening and they will bring all the sweetness you and Rick have earned with your amazing understanding of how the Universe always, always, unfolds as it should. I will make you a gypsy amulet to hang by the door of your house on wheels and send it to you soon.

Kim Miles said...

Thank you Allegra! We must be on the same wavelength.... I've started making Evil Eye beads lately!

And as soon as the peaches fall, we're going to make a wonderful cobbler!

kate mckinnon said...

Hey Kim and Rick, I have room for you to park a trailer in my Back 40 here in Tucson any time you feel like it. I'm looking forward to it already.

Michelle (UK) said...

Hi Kim,
I'm sure your patience in this on-going project will work out for you & Rick (I do HOPE so !) It's been a long time/road for you, hope the next road you go down will be nicer (in more ways than one !)