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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Before I move on, just one last note about the trip to Tucson. You know you're traveling in the southwest when you see signs like this in the rest stops...

My guess is even the most drowsy drivers become instantly alert.

Now quick! Go to my website and buy a raffle ticket to help my dear friend, Jean Yates. The prizes are terrific, and so is Jean. Read all about it there!
I make it so easy for you to be a Good Person!

And last up today, it's raining... yucky-poopy-messy... melting the snow, making goat poop soup in the yard, and creating a preview of the actual Spring Mud Season. Not pleasant. But luckily, I have some wonderful rubber rain boots!

I got them at Target (online only, I think). They're listed as "rain boots", and come in lots of adorable colors and patterns. And the best part... they're only 20 bucks! Got mud? Get these!

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