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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Yesterday we "did the Dome"... the Holidome, which I now lovingly call "Thunderdome".
Lani and I spent the entire day in there. It's so huge... it makes even the biggest shows look like little peewee yard sales. I found another excellent source for silver, as well as gold vermeil, and another one for gorgeous blue-green turquoise. I'm sharing, but making sure to keep some too!

One end of the Dome is like an ocean of pearls... it took great restraint to keep myself from climbing up on the tables to nap on a "bed of pearls". Here's Lani, indulging a little...

Saving the best for last... we went to dinner with a big group of HOPE Bracelet folks, hosted by Noel and Tammy Cunningham, founders of the Cunningham Foundation, and the steam behind the project. (If you find yourself feeling hungry in Denver, be sure to visit their beautiful restaurant, Strings.) I was so honored to be seated next to Marta, who is visiting with her husband, Deme, from Ethiopia. They started Project Mercy, thirty-something years ago, and have done so much good with their lives... I truly felt like I was sitting next to a real live Angel. After salads, Noel had Marta and Deme switch seats, so I also had a chance to talk with him. Another Angel at my side. I'm telling you sistah, I was dedicated to the HOPE Project already, but meeting the two of them sealed the deal for life. I'm inspired! And I hope to inspire you too.

See the bracelet on my arm? The beaded one... I have a lot of bracelets... I bought it off Marta's arm! It's one of the HOPE Bracelets, which are all beautiful, but this one is extra special. Not only was Marta wearing it, it has a small heart bead in it. It's the first, and so far, only heart bracelet made by the young beadmakers in Yetebon, Ethiopia. It's a treasure! I have four others for those of you who asked me to buy one for them. Anyone else like one? I'll try to find them for you!

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