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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my head is spinning

Not long ago, I started making teeny tiny beads, with the idea that knitters and spinners and other string-oriented people might enjoy using them. I gave my friend, Ann-Marie Hillings, a few sets of these "Caviar Beads", and asked her to try them in her handspun yarn. Oh my......... what a very good idea that was. Just look at these gorgeous skeins. She gave me one of them, the rosey pink, and I love it so much, I haven't even wanted to knit it up yet. It's sitting in my Aunt Grace's antique bronze glass bowl, looking like the work of art that it is. Soon I'll make a simple scarf with it. Something that will let the yarn, not the stitches, be the star. You can see more of Ann-Marie's spun wonders at Material Whirled. Her spinner name is Twhirl. Handspun yarn is a feast for your eyes and your fingers. A true delight, with or without beads, but better with beads... like most things.


Michelle in the UK said...

Kim, what BEAUTIFUL colours !!! I love them all !! You will be able to knit up some lovely things with these colours !! Look forward to seeing the results !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kim & Michelle!!! The Caviar Beads are a dream to spin with... YES, everything is better with (Kim's) beads. ;) Everyone who has seen these yarns has been pleased. I hope the Caviar Beads are a tremendous success. I have two more sets waiting patiently by my wheel; can't wait to spin them.

Smiles from Taos,
Twhirl Yarn