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Saturday, March 31, 2007

You know I'm always on the lookout for hearts. Not sappy, lovey, valentiney hearts, but real hearts that sneak up on us in the world at just the right time. Rick brought me a bowl of strawberries yesterday morning, and wouldn't you know it... hearts everywhere. Who needs Pop Tarts when you can have a bowl full of love?

Of course I spent the afternoon making heart beads. I might not sell them just yet. We'll see. I haven't even looked in the kiln yet to see how they turned out. I'll show you later if I have some time. Busy day around here... Rick and our friend Thomas are building a shed for the overflow of stuff around here... well, really for Lauren's stuff, because she's coming home soon for the summer, and somehow she just has too many wonderful things that she can't part with. I'm tired of supplying them with a whole room in the house full time, so out to the shed with them! She'll be home later today to start the sorting... maybe I can talk her into giving something away. I know! I'll give her a strawberry for every piece of fluff she donates to the local Free Box... oh yeah, she's not two...
Wish me luck!

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Michelle said...

Good luck Kim ! I know how hard it is to throw stuff away, but sometimes you just have to be hard to give yourself space !! (especially for all the lovely jewellery you have to KEEP !!)