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Monday, August 04, 2008

cover girl

I keep forgetting to mention that I made the cover of Simply Beads this month. Sheesh! What a doof! It's awesome to get a cover. And there are two big pages of my work inside too. Quick! Run out and get a copy before they put the September issue on the stands!

And how about a little music to go enhance your reading pleasure? We saw a great band the other night, here at the KTAO Solar Center. Check out Hot Club of Cowtown. I'd describe them as Django Reinhardt meets Bob Wills and sits down for a beer with Bob Dylan at the Mickey Mouse Club... I liked them so much, I just created a Pandora Station for them. Yay for new music!!


Michelle in the UK said...

Congratulations Kim !!! This is great, it must be wonderful to see your lovely work on the front cover ~ what a pity I can't get the magazine over here in the UK, otherwise I'd be telling and showing all my friends !!
~ Well done !

Deborah Rael-Buckley said...

Congratulations and hooray for that fabu cover...your work looks wonderful!!!!