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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

piecing it together

Still waiting... yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. But while we wait, we're doing interesting stuff that keeps us from climbing out of our skin.

The other night, we went to help with a patio mosaic project at Deborah and Thomas's. Several friends were there to cover two big concrete walls with something pretty. We divided up and just started sticking stuff on. No plan, which can sometimes backfire and become a nasty mess. But I think we did pretty well.

I think maybe you can tell which end was mine... the one with all the teeny, tiny pieces... Hey - it's all beads to me, baby...

Hiking is getting easier and more fun every time we go out. We've even taken Heidi with us a couple of times, and she does great. Who would have guessed those short little legs could scramble up a mountain so easily?

By the time we get to the top, she needs a rest and a snack, just like we do. But after a few minutes, she's off exploring our picnic site. Amazing.

And, if you haven't heard yet, we have some Very Big News! Rick and I are going to Ethiopia with the HOPE Bracelet Project in November!!! I can hardly believe it! I'll be talking more about it as we move through the planning, and of course I'll tell you all about the trip. And stay tuned for a fundraiser! No way can we do this without some help, but it'll be a fun one, I promise. I'm going to pull out some of my very favorite pieces of jewelry from my personal collection and raffle them off. That's how much this trip means to me! I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, read more about the Hope Bracelet Project and Project Mercy at the Cunningham Foundation website.


Jean said...

I am so excited about Ethiopia and the fundraider! and the hiking is great! You all are feeling better! this makes me happy! xox

ps: Heidi is so cute!!!

Gaela said...

I'm inviting you all over to my place for food, fun, and mosaics. U all do great Art! That 3rd photo of Heidi is so, so good, what a lovely dog. And what a lovely place to hike to. Keep busy having fun~