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Saturday, August 30, 2008

proud mom

My son, Danny, is a Volvo tech in Seattle. But he's so much more than that. Sure, he fixes cars. That's what he went to school for, and it's a pretty good job, as far as I can tell. Stuff will always break, and we will always need people to fix our Broken Stuff. But Danny is also an artist, although I don't think he really knows it. He has an eye for design, beauty, and quality, and he uses his skills to make everything he touches wonderful. He bought a funky old Volvo a few years ago, made some modifications, and came up with something he's now known for all over Volvodom. In fact, his car is so cool, it's on the cover of the latest IPD Parts Catalog. So what, you say? Hey man - this is like the cover of Rolling Stone in the Volvo world!

Creativity comes in many forms. It drives me nuts when people say, "Oh... I wish I was creative like you." Absurd! Everyone is creative in their own sweet way, whether it's making beads, baking a killer batch of brownies, growing a prize rutabaga, raising kind and caring children, or fixing cars. We all have something to offer.
Yay Danny, for finding his own bit of magic. Here is his cover shot, also photographed by him, which makes him a darn good photographer too. I'm a very proud mom.

Order a free copy of the catalog here:
IPD 2008 Parts Catalog
Then take it to Bob Byers Volvo in Seattle, and ask Danny to autograph it. He'll be thrilled!


Anonymous said...

I am in awe of people who restore cars. Sometimes I even get to see the "before" shots and that makes me admire their tenacity, too. Yes, I agree, his photography is top notch. A very good silver designer in my metalsmithing class owns an auto body shop; and there is nothing gross about his work. His artist self is one of he best in the class. I won't be surprised to hear similar stories about Danny in the future. Norine

Anonymous said...

Mom, you forgot to mention that car has 330,000 miles on it. Love you!!


Gaela said...

I've always loved Volvo Station Wagons, especially that "Volvo Blue". People who can really reair a car are hard to find. Danny, can you come to NC for a couple of days?... & that is one fine looking car.

Jean said...

This beauty is stunningly restored by an artist who loves what he does, and knows what he is doing! I am thrilled to see his success! Please congratulate him for me!

jean! xox

Michelle in the UK said...

Congratulations for Danny ! Lovely photo, hope the catalog sells well ! Proud Mom, eh Kim ?!