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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

loose change

If you want to change everything, just change something.

We're still here. Still in Taos. Still wishing, hoping, praying to move to Oregon before the snow flies. Still wondering why in the world we're being detained here... But what we're not doing anymore is being pissed off about it. At least most of the time...

Our whole focus has been so zeroed in on moving, that we actually became more and more stuck and stagnant. We realized the other day that we hadn't even made the hike to Williams Lake this summer. Ridiculous! Granted, Rick's injured back has stopped us from doing a lot of things, including hiking. But he's better now, and the doc gave the go-ahead to try it out and see how he felt.

So on Saturday, we dug out the day packs and hiking boots, made some sammiches, and hit the trail. I watched Rick closely, and monitored him like he was a little kid... You OK? Want to stop? Want to keep going? Let me carry the pack... Man, I really didn't want him to damage himself, you know? We were both surprised and delighted when we made it to the top and looked over to see that beautiful little alpine lake.

We sat there at the 11,000 ft. elevation and decided right then and there to stop waiting, and start moving. We made a deal with each other and ourselves, to do the stuff we want to do, here at home at least. All the crazy things that cross our paths and grab our interest are in the running. Wandering off to Italy is not an option just yet, but a lot of other things are...

Next day we went to see the Roller Derby. I've always been fascinated by roller derby. I was an awesome skater as a kid, and my mom went to school with Ann Calvello. (Check her out. You really should know who she is, as part of your well rounded world education.) We'd watch roller derby on TV on weekends, and Mom would point out Ann, saying she was one scary girl to be in school with. I thought the whole thing was too fabulous, and for a long time I wanted to be Queen Of The Roller Derby. Life got in the way, and though I've had skates, and even used them over the years, roller derby never presented itself as an option. I'd never even seen it live until the other day. And even though it was a rather funky New Mexican brand of derby, I was immediately smitten all over again. If they start a Taos team, I'll join. I'll be the Roller Granny, but I'll be hot!

After resting up for a couple of days, we decided to hike to Williams Lake again. In fact, we've decided to go up there twice a week until there's too much snow to go. We have snow shoes too, and we're not afraid to use 'em. We figure it's cheaper than a gym membership, and way more fun. And I know me... there's no way in this world I would ever manage a two-hour workout on a treadmill. We're in training for Being Old, which in turn is actually making us younger. How about that.

And to make it even more fun, we also decided it would be cool to write a book. Together, sort of. Even though we're still in Taos, our Next Adventure has already started. Our life is not like most people's, so we think we can tell about it in a way that will interest more than just a few blog readers. (I love you all, but there really aren't that many of you.) So as we sat there yesterday, gazing off across the lake, we pulled out our notebooks and started. It's true - if you want to change everything, change something.

Tonight, we're going out to hear some music. And today I plan to make some killer beads. I think it was Will Rogers who said something like, Even if you're on the right path, you'll get run over if you just sit there.

And then there's Wayne Gretzky - I skate where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.

Well there you go.


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Hey, we reader may be few, but we are a loyal few :).

Penny \IiiI

Michelle (UK) said...

Kim, the photos are lovely, it looks such a beautiful tranquil place to be. I like roller derby too ! I first saw it on 'Charlie's Angels' !! ha ha, remember them !!? Jill, AKA Farrah Fawcett-Majors (as she was then) was in one, trying to find out who the bad guy was !! I thought it was really thrilling and had never seen anything like it before ! Hope you get to have a go ~ and you're far from granny status !!! Take care on those wheels !!!!

Gaela said...

Hey Kim, I liked your term, "training to be old". I'll have to suggest that to my husband. After reading your blog for quite a while, I really look forward to the pictures. That lake looks like it is well worth the hike to see it. I'm sure we are all glad that Rick's back was able to make the hike too.

Linda in MI said...

Keep on keepin' on, Kim. As the old saying goes "We make plans and God laughs...". Don't stop living the wonderful life you have in Taoes while waiting to begin a new life somewhere else. Sometimes we're so busy waiting for the next door to open, we don't notice the open window next to us. Write in the same voice as your blog and I think you'll do very well. Good luck.