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Monday, September 01, 2008

labor day sounds like work to me

What's Labor Day for anyway? A day to reward American workers for working so hard? Nice thought I guess, but it sure doesn't include everyone. What about the people in all the service industries who have to stay on the job to make sure everyone else has their hot dogs and beer and hotel rooms and gas? When is their special day of rest? I say Here's To You! to all of them. Maybe the rest of us can be a little extra nice to them when we see them today, hmmmmm?

Rick and I have been grasping at the last bits of summer as they slip past. Soon it will be too snowy to hike our favorite trails, so we're up there a couple of times a week now. The other day our pal Thomas came with us. I don't think we hurt him.

On the way down, which is everyone's favorite direction when it comes to mountains, we saw these birds... very friendly birds who have obviously become too comfortable with humans. Still, I did enjoy feeling like Snow White...

Another day , earlier in the week, we decided to head for the waterfall we'd heard about, just above Williams Lake. We got to where we could hear it falling, but realized we'd have to climb this if we wanted to see it...

It was definitely worth the extra effort, but I sure felt it the next day.

And Hurricane Gustav... sheesh! Enough already! Haven't all those folks endured enough? I'm spending a good portion of my day sending Heart-Thoughts to everyone who's dealing with that. May you all make it through safely and with minimal loss, and let's hope the fine US Government does a better job of assisting those who need it this time...

This afternoon, after my own clean-up work around here, Rick and I are going to a party at the home of some friends who lost their New Orleans home in Katrina. I wonder if this will help them, or if they really don't feel much like celebrating right now. We'll do what we can to keep spirits lifted, but boy, this is just an odd holiday weekend.

Stay safe everybody. Take good care of each other.

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Michelle in the UK said...

I love these photos Kim (so that's where Danny gets his talent from ! I always suspected.. !!!) I think you look wonderful as Snow White !! Hope your feet aren't too sore !