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Sunday, September 28, 2008

on the run

No time to talk today. I'll be on my way to Kathleen's on a bit. (See yesterday's post) Tomorrow I will add loads of new beads to my BeadShop. Lots of Birds and Hearts and Cupcakes. Nice gifts for your nicest friends, and your own sweet self! See you tomorrow!


Welcome to the Group Gratitude Journal!
(What's this about? Read the Gratitude Alert post!)

Please make your entries in the "comments" area below.

Today I am grateful for...

Pink lilies in a vase, greeting everyone who steps inside.

The hummingbird who's, amazingly, still here this morning.

Red cowboy boots, whispering that they would like to go out dancing.

Your turn!


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Today I am grateful for...

A God who loves me more than I can ever understand.

Soft teddy bears to cuddle up with.

Driving through scenery full of Autumn beauty.

julie said...

Spring rain

My garden full of beautiful white flowers

My wonderful friends aged from 86 to 7 months

PA said...

The sound of birds singing.

Blue sky and sunshine.

A new bar of sweet-smelling soap.

Polly Anna