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Friday, September 26, 2008

gratitude alert

A couple of years ago, Stacey Robyn and Ken Herbert started a small, kitchen table project called Go Gratitude. It's a 42 day series of email messages, focused on Gratitude and what it does for our lives. We've all been hearing this stuff for some time now, in things like The Secret, What The Bleep Do We Know?, Heart Math, and the Global Coherence Initiative. A central theme of all of these is that we can affect, and change, and improve our lives and in fact, the world, when we focus on what we want rather than what we don't want, and by centering our hearts in gratitude for what we have, as well as for what we want to have, seemingly miraculous things can happen. What we say to the Universe is what it hears and echoes back to us. What we focus on, we feed. "Thank you for all this wonderfulness!", comes back as more wonderfulness. "Everything is terrible!", comes back to us as more of the same. Terrible!

Gratitude is key here. And it's especially important in times like we're experiencing now. The world is nuts, and it's difficult to navigate through the day sometimes. But it's even more difficult to remain discouraged and unhappy when your focus is on what you're grateful for, rather than what you're dissatisfied with. Give it a try. I bet you'll be surprised.

I've signed up for Go Gratitude's latest project, World Gratitude. It's another 42 day focus on Gratitude, and as the name suggests, the entire world is invited to participate. Imagine what we can do! If this resonates with you, or merely makes you curious, please go to the World Gratitude page, read more about the project, and sign up. (There's a place to make a donation, but if you don't want to, scroll past it to link to the members area. I gave them money. They're working hard and doing a lot of good!)

Now I want to try something here. One of the many ways to remind ourselves to sit calmly in Gratitude is to keep a Gratitude Journal. I'm suggesting we all do one together here. I'll probably keep one in a note book on my own too, but let's try this as a group project! Are you with me? At the end of each blog entry, I'll add a Gratitude Journal section. I'll put down three things I'm grateful for on that given day, and then you all can enter your own Gratitudes in the comments area. I don't know exactly how many people read my blog, but I think there are 100 or so. Wouldn't it be great if we all did this? I think so! And don't feel like you have to come up with big, earthshaking things to be grateful for. The small things count just as much, like, a good cup of coffee, a kiss from my dog, the warm sun at lunch time, a big pink flower next to my computer, a little kid at the grocery store smiled at me... stuff like that. This is not a competition. We're here to encourage each other!

The actual World Gratitude project starts on October 1st, but we might as well get some practice in early. The section below is what to watch for at the end of all my upcoming blog entries. Add your list in the comments section. If you have trouble posting there, send me an email and I'll post them for you!

Ready? I'll start!

Welcome to the Group Gratitude Journal!
Please make your entries in the "comments" area below.

I am grateful for...

All of you who read my blog!

Rick bringing me vitamins every morning.

The hope I feel, that everything will be OK.

Your turn!


Anonymous said...

Kitty Kisses!
Homemade cookies!
Getting up today!


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

My three daughters

A husband who loves me

Friends who care and let you know they do

Penny \IiiI
Texan Landed In Michigan

Anonymous said...

Each day I'm above ground

My loving, supportive husband

My smart, sweet, job seeking daughter

One more thing: Kim's beads!!!!!!!!!!

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp

Francoise said...

Waking up each morning and being able to enjoy the day

Being able to make my own choices without fear

My beautiful daughters and my sweet, patient husband

CathDesigns said...

A doctor's nurse who is kind, sweet and helpful to my husband

A package in the mail from a fellow beader

Two dogs that stay quiet for a couple of hours so I can work on my bead designs

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin !!!!!

janara said...

Doggy cuddles in the morning, and kisses every time they can connect

Being able to control my work schedule

Kim's beads!!!!

julie said...

The safe arrival home from Europe of my son

Kim's passionate political opinions and observations

Feeling the warmth of Spring sunshine

Anonymous said...

People to love and people who love me.
Unexpected angels and the many kindnesses of strangers.
One good ear so I can still hear music.

Polly Anna

Anonymous said...

A roof that keeps out the rain
A book to read
The view from the windows