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Friday, September 19, 2008

back to busy-ness

Good Morning! Thanks for allowing me my political moment yesterday without a lot of fuss. Today I'm back to the HOPE Bracelet Project. You know about my fundraiser, and many of you have pitched in already. I'm thrilled! Thank you! By my count, we've raised over $2600 already! We still have a ways to go to hit that $6000 mark, but I think we can do it. There's still time!

There's been another fundraiser started by Laurie Maves. It's Poppies For Ethiopia. Look at these beautiful paintings! They'd be great next to your other new painting by Mitzi Miles-Kubota!

And while you're at the Cunningham Foundation website, click on Buy A Bracelet, and add your name to the HOPE Bracelet List. They'll send you a notice when new bracelets are available online!

The First Pick Party is to be held at Strings Restaurant on November 7th. Rick and I will be there! We'll be flying off to Ethiopia the next morning, just the two of us, so if you can, come see us off at the party!

OK - busy weekend ahead. Rick's sister and niece are visiting from the Seattle area. Better go clean the bathroom!

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one-eared pig said...

Those poppies are beautiful!