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Thursday, September 18, 2008

i have to say it

Rick is on his way to see Obama in Espanola today. Very exciting stuff! I would go, but with less than two months before we go to Ethiopia, I feel like I need to work as much as I can now. No more hikes, no trips to the big city... Well, Espa, as we lovingly call it, is anything but a big city. For us, it's that town we have to get through on the way to Santa Fe, stopping only for a pee break at the big new Lowe's, the cleanest public bathroom in New Mexico. But today, Barack Obama will be in beautiful downtown Espanola, and many a Taoseno will be there to greet him.

There's a lot of political email flying about these days. I don't forward most of it because I know I'd be preaching to the choir. Most of my friends are on my team here, and the few who aren't are polite and respectful, as I am to them. OK, honestly, I can't imagine by any stretch why anyone would think those other candidates are worthy world leaders. One is old and ill and showing clear signs of dementia, and oh yeah, lying. The other is a clueless killer with a pretty face. I hardly see how the possession of a vagina and a rifle qualify one to run a country...

Notice I'm not naming names here? I'll tell you why. We feed and give power to what we focus our attention on. So as those political slams hit my mailbox, more and more I'm deleting them without reading them. I don't want to add to the frenzy that feeds them. Negative or positive, it's all energy, and I think it's time to remind ourselves to focus more on what we want than on what we don't want. Not so simple in practice, but certainly worth a ponder. That's why getting large groups of people together at political rallies is useful. It whips up a froth of loving energy around the candidate, and keeps the crowd focused on what they want. I trust that there will be a big infusion of good there in Espanola today. I'll be joining in from my seat at the torch, wearing my Got Hope? t-shirt. It's a pretty powerful place, the Hot Seat!

A note to those who want to scold me now. Go right ahead. I'll be generous and post your notes and names here, so you can speak to the whole audience. But let's remember, we're not here to fight. There's enough of that out there already. I believe our collective purpose is to find solutions to our national conundrums, and to practice, every day, living together in peaceful respect. We have the responsibility of choosing new leaders who will put the needs of the average citizen, and the greater good of the Whole, ahead of the greed of the Corporate Kings. After all, aren't we all the us in the U.S.?

I read something the other day that made sense to me: Think with your heart, and love with your head. Our job right now is to look hard and deep for Truth, and then get out there and vote.

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I promise not to linger on this topic. There are beads to make and trips to plan, but I felt this was important to get to today. Peace!

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Deborah Rael-Buckley said...

Sorry you missed the great event in Espa, but we represented for you. The crowd was big and enthusiastic, but Obama was the star. I am so happy to have been would have loved it!