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Monday, September 15, 2008

hit the ground running

Hello! Happy Monday to you! We are back from our little Birthday Trip, and it was wonderful. I'll be back with words and pictures later today or tomorrow. For now I'll quickly say that I'm tired and rested and raring to go, go, go.

This morning I am besieged with email, and really need to take care of some business before sorting through pictures and sharing Canyon de Chelly with you. It's going to be a long day. Well, really, it's going to be a long six weeks... that's about how long we have to get ready for our trip to Africa. Africa... I never would have guessed I'd be going there. But now that the wheels are in motion, the ride is moving along faster and faster, with an energy of its own pumping away like a happy heart. It now looks like Rick and I will be going over earlier than originally planned, and staying with the rest of the group once they get there. Our ten-day trip is turning into almost an entire month! I'll explain more when I know more. Soon!

For now, I want to thank everyone who has donated to the Ethiopia Trip Fund. I love you all in a big, big way! And if you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so. We need help more than ever now to make this happen without tapping the resources of Project Mercy.

Help is coming to us in lovely, unexpected ways. Friends and relatives are kicking in very generous amounts of money, saying they are proud of us for doing this. Truth is, we're so very proud of you for helping to make this happen. We're the ones going over there, but you all are part of it.

There is a new off-shoot fundraiser being put on by my dear cousin, Mitzi Miles-Kubota. As an artist (and a darn good one, I might add), she's short on cash, but long on love and creativity. She has committed to donating a portion of all her painting sales through October to our trip! Art is like air and food to many of us. So if you're hungry for some soul-nourishing beauty, please visit Mitzi's website and buy her art! I have a wall full of her work, and I never ever get tired of looking at these brush stroke wonders. Mitzi's paintings inspire my beads, and Mitzi herself inspires my life. Thanks Mitz! I love you!!! Here's a sample. Wish I had this one too!

That's about it for now, except for a gentle reminder for those who want to give my beads as Holiday Gifts. I hope many of you do! A handmade gift holds much more love than a plastic gift card! And since we'll probably be gone for almost the entire month of November, now is the time to get the beads in time for Christmas, or whatever your Winter Solstice Holiday of choice might be. I'll be making what you seem to want as fast as my little hands can go. So snap 'em up now! The Bead Shop will be closed in November!

OK! Thanks for listening! I'll be back!

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