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Saturday, September 27, 2008

art, art, art!!!

This weekend is the start of the Taos Fall Arts Festival. There will be events of all kinds going on for weeks, but this kickoff is pretty impressive. We've gone to almost everything in years past, but this year we'll be missing most of it. I have stuff to do, you know? I just don't have time to prance around town looking at art. I'm working in the studio today, and taking time for dinner with friends tonight. On the way, we'll stop to visit the ever-fabulous Katy George. She's stop #23 on the first ever, super big Taos Artists' Studio Tour. Tomorrow I'm helping Kathleen Brennan at her studio, stop #9, just up the street from me. I decided not to participate in the tour. I didn't particularly enjoy the one I did last year. All those people tromping through my studio. All the "on" time, doing demos and telling the same stuff over and over. I'm sure some of them enjoyed it, but for me, two steady days of it was just too exhausting. I even got sick, which I almost never do. So tomorrow I'm a helper, and today I'll get my own work done, relatively uninterrupted. I have two friends dropping by, but that's OK. I know them!

Anyway, if you're in or near Taos, and want some culture, this is your lucky weekend! You can visit 128 artists in their own studios, prowl around down town at the Taos Open and Invitational at the Civic Plaza, wander through endless galleries, and shop at the Craft Fair at Kit Carson Park. Man... I'm making myself want to play hookie and get out there!

"Midnight on Lower La Lomita", by one of my favorite Taos Painters, Greg Moon.


Welcome to the Group Gratitude Journal!
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Today I am grateful for...

A town full of creative people.

Another sunny New Mexico day.

A good cup of Earl Grey tea.

Your turn!


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I am grateful for:

Pretty Autumn leaves falling on the grass.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Downtime to let the creative juices flow.

Anonymous said...

My Heating Pad
Squirrel's preparing for winter!

Anonymous said...

A cup of hot tea
Colourful yarns


Anonymous said...
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julie said...

More Spring sunshine

The delicious fragrance from my Port Wine Magnolia in full bloom

A free whole day to quilt and read