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Monday, April 06, 2009

box of magic

Kathleen gifted me with this most fabulous old carved wooden box. Oh my... the wheels are turning now! I had been thinking I'd get some kind of portable jewelry display thingy from Rio Grande, so I can easily pull out my "shop" for fellow RVers while we're out on the road. But this box changes everything... I'm seeing sort of a gypsy chest filled with velvet and beads, with a beveled mirror inside the lid, and pictures of exotic, beautiful gypsy women set into the three round spaces on the front. I'll show it to you when it's finished. Don't you think you'd love a campsite shopping experience like this? Man, I know I would.

I was looking for pictures to use, and bumped into this website: In the Vintage Costumes section, I found some really terrific gypsy chicks. Can't wait to get started on this - just as soon as Rick makes some smalls repairs for me. It won't be long... I won't let him forget...

1 comment:

Michelle (UK) said...

What a wonderful idea Kim !!! That box looks SO magical, as soon as I saw it I thought of Jumanji !!! Maybe it possesses magical powers that will bring you lots of luck on your travels !! Let's hope so ! Imagine what you could have hidden away amongst all the layers of velvet, yum, sounds so scrummy !!!....all those beads....!