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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

road trip

I had a great weekend in Denver with my kids, and now that I'm home, I can post some pictures. One big part of the fun was my new truck. It was terrific to drive up there, and then the kids took over the driving. Sure, they laughed at me, but they grabbed for the keys whenever they got the chance. I didn't mind at all. I'm a little rusty with the city driving after all these years in Taos.

This was the first time in years that the three of us have spent any time together.It was really nice, from a mom's point of view. Sometimes I get sort of nostalgic and weepy, thinking about them when they were little, and wondering how the growing up time went by so quickly. But spending a few days with my grown-up babies, I can see that even though those years are something of a blur, something must have gone right, because these are two most wonderful adults now. I love them at least as much as I did when they were small, but now I like them an awful lot too. I'm a proud mom, but I don't take much of the credit for who they are. They were built this way, and maybe I got to help a little.

So Rosie The Big-Ass Truck brought me home safely, and now the search is on to find The Trailer. As soon as we have that parked in the driveway, we'll start a serious search for Good Renters for our house. We'd still consider selling it, and in some ways would prefer to do that. So now's the time. Any takers out there? If we keep it for a couple more years, it'll only go up in price! Check it out here: . You can look at the slides, or click on the Virtual Tour, which is really lovely. If you know anyone who might be interested in buying, or renting, please feel free to share the link. June first is our target hit-the-road date!

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Michelle (in the UK) said...

I love your new truck Kim, and what lovely, lovely photos of you and your kids !
I'm glad you had a nice time visiting, makes all the difference when families get together !
Sending lots of love to you all xoxoxox