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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Goaties

Today is out goats' first birthday. Here they are - Joon, Benny, and Sam, the "runt". We love them so! And now they're even doing their "job". They eat weeds in the yard all day long. They're happy goats and useful too. And cute, cute, cute. And sweet as apple pie, which I'm sure they'd love if we gave them some. No pie, sorry goaties... but we did bring them some tortilla chips this morning. Their favorite treat... must be like cake for goats. And yes, we sang Happy Birthday to them too. We sing to everyone when we know it's their birthday, even if they aren't here. And now we're off to a birthday party for our friend Keith, the kind and wonderful Food Not Bombs guy. More singing! Yay! And cake too. Life is good.

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