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Friday, May 04, 2007

what a weird day

What's going on... anything odd in your world? I have a busy weekend coming up, so thought I'd hit the computer for a quick email check this morning, and then get an early start in the studio. And then the Universe laughed very hard, and crashed my computer... and then it crashed my laptop too. Then I went to call the Computer Doctor, and my phone was dead. By this time, I was starting to laugh along with the Universe. Not much else to do in these situations but step back and go, "WHAT???" I'm listening for the answer. Meanwhile, I'm scanning, cleaning, backing up, defragging, and even dusting the monitors, in hopes of soothing at least one of the beasts. The laptop is the least disturbed. I think I have it down to one little hickup at startup. Fortunately, I'm smart enough to realize I need two of a lot of things. So the backup computer is OK for now, and the cell phone will fill in until we fix (or drown) the landline. I also have two cameras, two torches, and lots of extra jewelry tools... What I'm really getting at here is we don't have any clue or any control over the "unseen forces" that so strongly affect our little lives. Best to roll with it, and maybe wear a helmet...

Something pretty and cheery?
Here's Lauren and her friend Tessa all dressed up for the Spring Formal last weekend. don't they look beauty-full?

Hope you all have a happy, but mostly safe, weekend. We're going to see Arlo Guthrie tonight. That should calm my frazzy nerves.

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Jean said...

they look rockingly awesome!