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Friday, May 11, 2007

my generation, baby

Have you seen The Zimmers on YouTube? Coolest group of "old people" you could ever meet. Their version of the Who's My Generation is just great. Watch it. If it doesn't stream the first time through, watch it a second time for the full experience. Wonderful. It'll make you feel good. Promise.

I have a bookmark to the Osho Zen Tarot site at the top of my Firefox browser. I like to visit every day and pick a card. The Transformation Deck is good too. I use both. I'm always amazed at how accurate a random computer pick can be. Maybe there's really no such thing as random. Today I got the "Exhaustion" card... My, my... yes. I'm accused of lacking the ability to spontaneously dump responsibility and run off to have fun. Back when the Who was singing My Generation, I had great skill at abandoning math class in favor of a day at the beach. I managed to graduate too. Guess there's a lesson to be learned from my younger self. Goofing off now and then isn't all bad. It's not the end of the world. In fact, it might be the best way to refuel for a fresh start. A nose held to the old grindstone becomes very flat.

Rick and I are heading to Albuquerque today, to help Lauren move her stuff - lots of stuff - back home for the summer. But we're going early for a stop at the zoo. I've wanted to go there for six years, and today's the day. They have a new baby giraffe we have to see before it's all grown up. And when we're back here tomorrow, ready for work again... well, no promises... I might just go back to the beach.

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Jean said...

have a great day. we love you!