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Monday, December 17, 2007

dan fogelberg

I had a note from an old friend in my email box this morning. He was gently letting me know that Dan Fogelberg died on Sunday. How entirely sweet of my old pal Bruce, to remember that I was a huge Fogelberg fan back in high school. Bruce was a drummer, so played and listened to different music than I did, but still, he remembered... I find that awfully touching, since we only manage to check in with each other once or twice a year now.

Anyway, yes, I did love Dan Fogelberg. Would have married him... or James Taylor... or both. Would have been a tough choice. I always wished for a beautiful man who would write songs for me. It didn't quite happen that way, but now I do have my beautiful Rick, who will sing to me now and then, and likes to twirl me in a funny dance in the driveway. I think I got exactly what I wanted.

Even though Rick is not a Dan Fogelberg fan, I know he'll indulge me this evening when I ask him to dig out the old LPs and crank up the turntable. I want to listen to that music on the same vinyl I practically played the grooves off of way back when. Of course I didn't really know him, but he was part of my teenage life all those years ago, and I want to raise a glass and wish him a good journey. He was a good part of my journey here...


Michelle said...

oh yes Kim I feel very sad on hearing the news of his death too. He was a wonderful song writer. I heard about him on the radio yesterday and felt very sad. The DJ then played his lovely song, 'Longer' which I've always loved. So sad, he will missed. At least we can still hear his lovely records.

Jean said...

yes, I heard too. xox