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Monday, December 10, 2007

more about the music!

This morning I got a note from one of Fred Waring's actual Pennsylvanians! How cool is the internet, that he found my blog through a Google search... this is wonderful!

I was talking to my Dad the other day. He has a computer, but rarely uses it... OK, he rarely even plugs it in. I keep encouraging him to have a look around, but so far, he's resisting. We were talking about something or other, and the internet came up again as a place to find more information. He said he just didn't want to get started because there must be hundreds of websites out there, maybe even thousands... I had to chuckle and tell him it's more like millions, which I'm sure has scared him off the web forever. And then he said, "And is it all over the world???". Oy! You know, my dad is not a dummy, and he's not senile. I guess I'm sort of surprised to learn that there are probably lots of average Americans who have no connection to or interest in the internet. Seems so odd to me, since I couldn't make a living without it!

Anyway, Pete, the Pennsylvanian, found me, and sent a nice note about his continued connection to all things Fred Waring. His quoted email follows, and I so urge you to pick up some of the most fun and wonderful Christmas music ever recorded. Now I'm inspired to explore beyond the holiday stuff. There's so much more!

I came across your blog page and was delighted to read that you are a Fred Waring fan (especially at this time of year). I have Fred's name and the "Pennsylvanians" entered into a Google News search engine, and it brings me daily listings of all the Waring postings on the Internet. Why, you ask? Well, I was a member of the Pennsylvanians for 5 years and still keep in close contact with the organization. Just before Fred died in 1984, he arranged for all his papers, choral arrangements, radio and television show air checks, photos and memorabilia to be housed at Penn State University, his alma mater. Today, the Fred Waring's America Collection is a marvelous storehouse of showbiz history of the 20th century.

As for the scratchy Christmas albums you mentioned, you may want to visit the Collection's site ( and look under "Sales." There are lots of recordings for sale, including the Christmas albums you mentioned on your site.

Shoot me a note if I can be of any further assistance...Merry Christmas!

Pete Misiak"


Jackie Mixon said...

Hey Kim - it's Jackie Mixon here. I had to laugh about your comment on your father and the"web". My father won't get on the computer either. I've offered him my older imac and he wants nothing to do with it. He is a history buff and until his knees gave out 2 years ago was an avid runner. so I would think the web would fascinate him. But he acts like he'll be setting off an atomic bomb if he gets on. To me that is what keeps me young - exploring the newest technologies. Have a very Merry Christmas. Hope you'll come visit The Best Bead Show in Feb.


Anonymous said...

Kim google Christie Burns and listen to her play the hammered dulcimer. I met her this past Nov. in Tn. at a dulcimer retreat. This girl can really do things with a hammered dulcimer that will blow you away. Her husbands name is Butch Ross and they perform together. you will get hooked. linda

Anonymous said...

You brought back a great memory. When I was in high school in the early 70s a busload of kids from my school choir traveled to Pa. to attend Fred Waring's music camp. There were kids there from all over the country. I met some of the Pennsylvanians, a few gentlemen who worked side by side with Fred Waring, and Fred Waring himself. It was a great time! At the end of the week we performed for guests at his resort. I bought the CD and sent one to myself and one to a friend who went to the camp with me. Thanks for bringing it back. Nancy