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Saturday, December 08, 2007

taos christmas

This is a big night in Taos. One of my favorites each year, actually. It's the annual "Lighting of Ledoux Street", when all the galleries along the small, winding street open their doors, serve treats, build little "camp fires" in the court yards, and line the entire street with farolitos, which are also called luminarias... paper bags with candles in them. The whole town comes out to stroll and visit. It's one of those things that makes visitors fall in love with the place, and reminds weary residents of why we came here. Now if it will just stop raining and add some snow to the scene, it will be perfect.

We'll be there. Wouldn't miss it. We'll also hit the Taos Inn for the tree lighting, the John Dunn shops for their firelight open house, and finally, El Monte Sagrado, for the African music that's happening there tonight. It's our last Christmas Season in Taos. We don't want to miss a thing.

This image by Steve Immel Photography

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chaetoons said...

I was just reading your older posts and saw that you were asking about violins.
My violin is a Satori and i'm quite pleased with it. Here's the link to their info: .

I started playing on an expensive violin and wanted one i could take to family gatherings without worrying about the instrument. Ironically, i now play the Satori almost exclusively for it sounds like my first one (which i still have) and i really like the way it sounds.
Possibly by now, you already have one? Good luck in playing. Have a hunch you will find it both easy and very satisfying . . . .