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Sunday, December 16, 2007

time to rest... well, in a minute...

We all work hard, don't we? I don't know too many slackers, and when I find out who they are, I generally stay away from them. So I can't whine about how hard I have it. I don't. I live a charmed life, and I take at least half the credit for making it that way. Other people and Divine Assistance do the rest, but truth is, a charmed life requires personal effort.

The year is speeding to the finish line now, and we're busy prepping for a house full of beloved visitors. It's time for me to stop work for a bit and take care of family and friends... oh yeah, and me! And it seems that even our house is telling me to just take a break already.

The other night, half the electricity went out. Only half. Some things worked, and some didn't. We went to bed that night hoping the problem would somehow heal itself while we slept, but in the morning we found that we needed to make coffee in the bathroom and toast in the office. We had running water, but it wasn't heating, and the stereo wouldn't play, and the stove would only get a little bit warm.

Thankfully, it was the power company's problem, and they sent a couple of sturdy guys out to dig a big hole in the frozen street on Saturday morning. It was fixed in time to clean up and go to a party, so no big deal... except that I didn't really listen to the "take a break message".

I decided to hold a quick last minute sale on Monday, which meant spending all say today photographing and posting beads. But really, I promise to back away from the computer and the studio for a week or so.... just as soon as the sale is over and the beads are mailed. Hey, you know what I always say... A girl's gotta make a living.

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Anonymous said...

We all work hard but those that bring beauty into the lives others are really special. You and Dan, too