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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

mean people

You've probably seen the bumper sticker that says, "Mean People Suck". Well, amen to that, sistah! I got a truly mean and nasty email about my new website this morning, and yes, it hurt my feelings. Email has made it "safe" to attack relative strangers, without having to look them in the eye and see the harm that "mere words" can do. It always stuns me when someone feels so comfortable being so petty and icky. I did recover quickly though, because I know that Mean People almost always have something going on in themselves that has nothing to do with the people they feel so free to offend. It wasn't about me!

But it did remind me of my always-kind friend, Deborah, who told me about some nifty "kindness" bracelets. I found the website, and ordered some, pronto! They're terrific! They have the word "kindness" printed on them in 17 languages. A nice little tap on the shoulder for all of us. A gentle reminder that it's just as easy to be a sweet-pea as it is to be a beast. Maybe easier. Yes, I think so...

This time of year we all think more about peace on earth. Every little one of us has the power to changes things. We always need to choose our words carefully. I know I need to remember that!

Want to order some Kindness Bracelets for you and all your friends? Here's the website.


Anonymous said...

I'm buying A SHITLOAD of these bracelets. This time of year just brings out the BAD in some people.Spend some time in a children's cancer ward, you get WHAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!Remember Kim you can NEVER MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY!!!!MEAN PEOPLE SO SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean said...

I don't understand it, Kim. I am so sorry it hurt your feelings!

Francoise said...

I hope you put that mean person on a black list: she/he does not deserve any of your beautiful beads. That would be a real waste...
Kindness is way too underestimated: it includes so many other qualities. And meanness says a lot about people too!

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why anyone would get vicious about your website! A pox on them! I think they deserve banishment! Ignore them and just "carry on!"


Cathy in Oregon said...

Dear Kim,

I'm sorry someone's thoughtless and rude words hurt your feelings. That person is a loser whose own life is their punishment. Anyone who spews negativity lives in it too.

Hurray for you for bouncing back! Delete the rude message and never give it another thought!

Remember, you have a huge fan club! and your new website rocks!


Allegra Smith said...

Oh Kim, just think what misery that person must have to dwell on that she/he cannot contain it within her/himself.

Envy, pettiness, arrogance, all of those things make for some very unsavory characters in this world of ours. Bless them and keep them away from you. No need to wish them harm, they are so toxic to themselves that the only way to survive for them is to let some of that bitterness go somewhere else, so don't let it touch you. Print that email, get some sage and burn it with it. Releasing it to the Universe that has more wisdom within than all of us put together and it will know how to get rid of that malice before it touches anything else.

And because of it all the beads you make tomorrow will be filled with grace and beauty, a bit more than they are now.

Hugs from your very wet friend in Portland,


Norine said...

Dear Kim,
Some people are really threatened by change and some people thrive and grow on it. I think fear is that soul dragging state that this dear person is trying to survive. I don't necessarily subscribe to A Course in Miracles, but "I takes my information where I can find it" and it succintly says there are "ony two emotions: love and fear;" and everytime I see some enraged or enragging situation, I really can identify this origin. I am so grateful you blogged this situation; it is just fine to see each person's loving support of you.


Michelle said...

Yes, I know what you mean Kim. I have a pink one of those bracelets for cancer. Yesterday I saw the man that sells 'The Big Issue' over here for the homeless. I sometimes buy a magazine & sometimes just give him the money and not take a magazine. Yesterday I bought him a donut for his tea, he was taken aback and said he'd enjoy that ! Its nice to make someone less fortunate than yourself smile ;o)

Lynda said...

Good Morning!

Well, everyone else is so much nicer about this than I would be. I say print the e-mail on your web-site so everyone will know who this poisonous person is. And Bah- Humbug to them.

I think the new web-site ROCKS!

Happy Day to you.