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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Rick and I did some gardening yesterday. Well, sort of. His back is doing better, but still not great, and he still spends much of his day lying down. He's tired of this, and so is our yard. So I suggested putting the weed whacker to use, at least close to the house where things are looking extra crappy, and he was able to manage that for a little while. It's a light weight gizmo. No bending or lifting required. Then, since he can drive without hurting himself, I sent him to the nursery for a few flowers to brighten up the place.

I should mention here that I am not a gardener. I don't even pretend to be. So for me to say, Hey Honey! Let's plant some stuff! was way out of my usual comfort range. But with some coaching from my Garden Guy, we managed to fill two big tubs with petunias and two hanging baskets with geraniums. Nothing worth showing you a picture of really. You know what geraniums in a pot look like. And poor Rick - after that little burst of energy, he was pretty much done for the day. I'll go easy on him today. Guess I can whack weeds as well as anyone.

My own personal form of gardening is really in beads. I've done flowery numbers for years, and just recently, they've begun to wander off in some new directions. Here's one I like quite a lot. It's called Poppy Love. And yes, it has a story...

Smitten to his very toes, Renaldo was about to offer his land, his sheep, and his best milk cow in exchange for her eternal love. But the worldly vixen, Priscilla, was destined only to break his heart. He tried to dazzle her with flowers, but she knew... it was only Poppy Love.

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Jean said...

I LOVE THIS!!! it is fantatastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!