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Monday, June 23, 2008

moving on

Phew! That was a pretty intense few days. I'm happy to say that the Obama Squabbles have been peacefully resolved, and we can move forward now, agreeing to disagree on some things, and remain united in our love of Truth, Beauty, and Beads. Amen to that, sistah.

So how about a radical change of topic? Let's move on to... dolls.
I bought one. Yes, I have a new dolly for the first time in 40 years. I'm only slightly embarrassed to tell you this. Let me start by saying, It's all Jean's fault! You know her. Jean Yates. Wonderful friend, damn fine jewelry designer, terrific writer, and total troublemaker. She got interested in Blythe dolls a while back, and I saw what a trend frenzy is going on out there, with all the dolls and clothes and tiny little dolly accessories. One thing led to another, and my mild interest became something of an obsession. I began haunting doll websites and eBay, and then Jean (that Jean again!), sent me an eBay link to the most perfectly quirky doll I've ever seen. I knew instantly that she was meant to be mine, but I didn't place a bid. There was almost a week left in the auction, so I waited, and waited, and waited... until the last five minutes, when I scooped her up, just like that. She arrived here two days ago, from Hawaii, stark nekkid. Having no doll clothes lying around the house, I grabbed a pirate bandanna (doesn't everyone have one of those?) and, recalling my old hippie costuming skills, fashioned a lovely little dress in nothin' flat. Meet my new friend Poppy, here with an email from Jean...

My justification, if I need one, is that since these dolls are all the rage in certain circles, I might be able to cash in by making some jewelry for them. But if I'm honest, which you know I am, I really just wanted a doll. This doll. I've made some cool jewelry for her already, of course, and have even gone so far as to take her to the studio and pose her for pictures with some of the other interesting things I keep out there. I swear I will not start posting albums full of doll pictures on Flikr. And I will not collect dozens of dolls, and my doll will not have a Barbie Dream Wardrobe, so to speak... OK, maybe lots of shoes, because they're so cute and really affordable... but the girl is dressing simply, in order to show off her beads! She is a Business Expense after all. She needs to do her job.

But you know... there's something oddly charming and comforting about having this weird little toy to keep me company. Maybe it's a memory of that coziness of childhood, when a doll was also a companion. Maybe I'm not the only one who wants to think there's life in everything, including inanimate objects. Remember Tom Robbins' characters Can o' Beans, Spoon, and Dirty Sock? They were real, and oh so entertaining. So maybe it's not so weird to have a doll. Maybe two... But really, that will be enough for me.


Jean said...


just like YOU!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, maybe Vanna White run amok - now I like Vanna White, what's not to like; but there is a bit of spoof there that is irresistible. You have to admit she (Vanna) has these same skinny arms and legs and her head is just a trifle large...
Again, Kim, thanks for another chuckle and for being you :-). Norine

Michelle in the UK said...

I love your doll, Poppy, Kim !!! (What Jean says (above) is correct, by the way !!)
The dolls will look even more pretty with your beads !!!...LOVELY idea !! I don't think the child in the girl ever goes away, after all, grown men like to play with trains...don't they ?!!!

Ikow Designs said...

I LOVE her hair!!! She's a beauty! Curly girls... and dolls unite! =)