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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

strange sounds

We've been having a bit of a noise problem in our neighborhood. The teenage kid who lives a few houses down the street has decided to become a rock star. He has a mother who is either very indulgent or very deaf. The neighbors aren't feeling quite so tolerant... Of course after dark is the very best time to play loud electric music, and I use the word "music" generously here.

Last night, as we sat on the patio watching the moon rise, a loud and eery noise drifted up alongside it. It was kind of like a monster chewing off it's own leg, amplified to decibels normally reserved for the likes of Mick Jagger. It wasn't quite ten o'clock yet, so we couldn't really call the sheriff, but we were waiting for that golden hour when disturbing the peace is officially illegal, even in the wilds of New Mexico. We've called twice already, and they do come out and tell him to knock it off at one in the morning, but he doesn't seem to remember any of it the following night. We think he has some darn good drugs over there.

Eventually the monster sounds morphed into a bizarre a cappella rendition of Cat Scratch Fever. I don't know what happened to the usual guitar and drums, but their absence made it a lot easier to hear the astonishing vocals. Volume was not a problem, but I've never heard anyone hit every single note flat as a tortilla. That takes some skill. This kid has it. And we hope he'll go far with his talents... far, far away.

And then magically, at the blip of ten, it all went quiet. Our heads only hummed in echo for a few minutes, and the nearly full moon was beautiful in the warm, calm night. I went to bed humming Cat Scratch Fever, which made for some strange dreams and disturbed sleep, and woke up this morning to the sound of baby birds outside the window. Normally that would be a happy little sound, but my confused, sleep deprived brain though it was the sound of my camera, which chirps when I take a picture. I could not for the life of me figure out who was out there taking all those pictures at 6AM.

This might be a good day to take a nap.


Francoise said...

Well, well, I knew Toas was home to lots of artists, you should be proud to have this young musical (?) genius (?) among your neighbors... ;+) You made me laugh, you so good at telling stories!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

I'm happy to have found you via Art Bead Scene blog! what incredible beads you make, wow!!

Jean said...

she is a great storyteller...and so are her beads!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, is this the same kid who provided you with broken auto glass for the "shattered" series? In my love of irony - much as in "A Modest Proposal", I suggest that all 14 year old boys be given motorcycles, and those left living at 25 be allowed to have auto drivers' licenses. Apparently 30% of all males never develop appropriate impulse control - ever - so this should "Darwin" out a few. Or... maybe you could incorporate melted amp parts into your beads. Just a (very dark) thought. Norine

Michelle in UK said...

Love your puss cat !!! ;o)