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Monday, June 02, 2008

quick update

Rick is feeling better today. He's seeing a D.O.M. for adjustments and acupuncture, and it's helping. I really want him to be better soon. Pain sucks! I feel so terrible and helpless seeing him hobble around like this. And Selfish Kim also wants him to get well because I'm running myself ragged trying to keep up with everything. He started calling me "Angel" yesterday. Says it's the perfect nickname for me. I've never had a nickname in my life, and this one really makes me squirm... I don't think it fits, unless there's such a thing as a grumpy, surly, "I need a drink!" sort of angel...

But we'll be fine! It's only a temporary diversion. You won't hear much from me until he's back on his feet, but thanks for all the Light you've been sending. Keep it coming!

Same day... a little later... update on the update...

Rick's just back from the doc. There's improvement, which is good, but he has to take it super easy for a while. He over-did it yesterday. He needs to have x-rays, and probably can't go back to work for a month or so. It's still not clear what he damaged, but there's definitely something that needs time to heal. He's kind of discouraged. Send sweetness his way. I'll make good food.


Dennis said...

Hi Rick!

I wish you a quick recovery and good pain meds!!


Michelle in the UK said...

Hope you get well soon Rick !
Back pain is the worse, I feel for you !
Hey Kim, that's 'the word' ~ ANGEL for a special bead you can treat yourself to!!