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Saturday, May 31, 2008

poor baby

Rick hurt his back at work the other day. It's kind of bad. Poor baby. I hate to see him like this. He's hooked up with a good doc, so I think (hope) he'll be feeling better soon. Meanwhile, there's lots to do around here, which I don't mind a bit. After all, he's my Sweetie and I want to help him. Maybe it's a little bit above and beyond, but today I've also volunteered to go to work for him and do some watering. They're really in a bind at the nursery without him, and of course he feels bad about that too. I figure by helping them out, I'm helping him feel less guilty, and that will help him get better faster. So... today the beadmaker goes to work as a gardener. Sort of. I'll just be hanging out in the greenhouses, watering the little plants, and maybe humming a little tune. This is new to me. I think it will be fun. Of course beads won't get made and dinner will be take-out. But sometimes we just have to be flexible, now don't we?


Well, hey. It was fun. My pal Karena came along with me and we spent about 3 hours watering the greenhouses and then the trees outside. What a gorgeous day. I would not volunteer for this in poopy weather. Today was like a vacation day, but with hoses for water instead of the beach. Pictures? Of course I have pictures!

If you're ever in Taos, and find yourself in need of a tree or plant, visit Petree Nursery. It's just lovely out there. And well watered.


Jean said...

you did good work today for the right reason. you even had the good shoes for it! Jim is always wanting me to get some of those! Your bright blue colored ones rock!

ps. I am sorry about the Gathering. xoxox (((HUGS)))

Dennis said...

Hey Kim!!
I love Petree's! We bought several trees and plants there the summer before we left Taos. I hope the new owners are taking good care of them. Living on the mesa can be brutal for trees, they need water everyday. I think you should make some word beads that say,,,Green Thumb, or Earth Mother, or Flower Child.... Miss you, Nancy