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Saturday, May 24, 2008

viva las vegans

I just ordered a new cookbook. Veganomicon, by the same growly girls who wrote Vegan With A Vengeance. I've been a mostly-vegetarian for years, ever since we had the pizza shop, and I hit meat overload one day while digging my hand into a vat of sausage. But when I cut out the meat, I drew my own personal line at cheese, glorious cheese. I love cheese. I might even adore it. And while I do not actively participate in any formal religion, I do Praise Cheese Sauce. I also partake of the occasional fish dish, and happen to love most seafood. And with all the nice whole grains and fresh fruits and veggies, my diet it intensely healthy compared to that of most Americans. Still... I struggle with my weight, and I know I can do, and be, and feel better.

I've toyed with becoming a full-blown vegan for a couple of years now. It seems so extreme, and saying farewell to my beloved Cheese might just be too much for me. Then again, it might be just the thing I need. It might even make me happy. So I ordered the book. Soon as it gets here, I'll wander through it, try a few recipes, and see if it sticks. Even doing it "part time" would be better than nothing. And besides I hate it when people get all militant and fanatical about things like food. Moral Purity is an overrated illusion. And feeling superior to the steak eaters of the world is just plain stupid. I say this as I watch a beautiful turkey vulture fly over my yard. There are natural born meat eaters in the world, and I respect that. (I actually do think turkey vultures are beautiful. This is not a snarky comparison in any way.) I've even been known to take a bite of a fantastic, organic, perfectly grilled t-bone, just to prove I'm no saint. So if I do decide to do the vegan thing, I'll be sure to leave room for the occasional bite of brie with my crusty whole grain bread, while I share a perfect bottle of red with friends.

I'll let you know how it goes. And until the book arrives, I'm planning a few decadent, cheese filled days.

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