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Friday, May 23, 2008

Did you notice the new ads here on my blog? I think it would be nice to get paid for all the valuable information and entertainment I present for you here. Google AdSense might be useful to me... or not... but it's worth a shot. I think it's amusing that they automatically choose these for me, based on the content they scan from my blog. I just saw one there for some miracle solution to sweaty hands. How in the world does that fit in with anything here? It's good to have something to wonder about... And if you'd like to become a sponsor of some sort, let me know. I'll bet we can work something out.


This winter weather in May is dragging on my disposition. One day of clouds and snow was an interesting novelty. Two is just gloomy. If it's like this tomorrow I might just spend the day in bed. Gray sky is why I left Seattle. It gets to me in a big way, and there isn't enough caffeine and prozac on the planet to make me want to go through that again.


And as we step off the edge of Friday afternoon, into a holiday weekend, I think we should all consider staying close to home for our bar-b-ques and other possibly, but probably not solemn Memorial Day observances. Remember...

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