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Monday, May 05, 2008

glasswing butterfly

A friend sent me some pictures of these wondrous creatures, saying they reminded her of my work. How very flattering!

But first, I want to note that I've recently decided not to call my work "work" anymore. I've decided if it's not play, I'm not doin' it. Might be hard to be taken seriously as an artist with that point of view, but that's always been a glitch for beadmakers anyway. So whatever... why take myself too seriously when simply playing with glass is a lot more fun?

And not, back to our presentation... these glasswing butterflies are pretty amazing, aren't they? You can Google-about if you want to know more about them. There are lots of pictures out there, and bits of useful information of you plan to do a report or something. I just really like the idea of these nearly transparent little beings, showing us more than just themselves, encouraging us to look closer and deeper at what might be on the other side... and if all that's too puzzling for you, here's a fun little jigsaw puzzle to keep your brain moving... Rainforest Fun - Glasswing Butterfly.

Shuffle things around. Look deeper. Remember to play.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, when people compliment your work (that I wear a lot), I always say that you are the glass artist. They nod knowingly. No doubts.

Yes these flutterbys are beautiful, and yes, they are much like your work.

I hope your spring has arrived finally. That is always a good time to show and sell a home.


Michelle in the UK said...

Kim, what a beautiful butterfly and photograph !!