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Friday, May 02, 2008

There's a certain freedom that comes with a lousy economy. Sure, bead sales are down, plus everything costs more, so I'm actually taking a double hit from all this... paying more for necessities, and a cut in pay. What fun. And somehow... this is all sort of liberating. No, I have not been living in high altitude for too long. I have been working too hard for the wrong reasons for too long, but right now I don't have to. A sad fact of the current times is that regular people just aren't buying a lot of extra stuff. Me included. I can't afford stuff right now. But I still have my house and my sweetie, and the sky is blue and the hummingbirds are back. Slow bead sales aren't my fault, and I'm certainly not the only one working harder and making less than ever.

So what am I going to do about it? Well, nothing really. I'm going to keep making beads. At least for now. And the cool part is, I feel like I have "permission" from some Universal Boss to make all the messes I want, without any thoughts of "will somebody buy this?" Since it's out of my control, there's just no point in worrying about it, and that frees up a lot of imprisoned creativity to come out and play. Here's what came out a couple of days ago.

I wish you could see them moving in the light. They twinkle like snow-diamonds in the sun, and still have an organic look that's calm and soothing. Will anyone buy them? Who knows! Who cares! They please me, that's all. Maybe tomorrow I'll freak out and go into a tizzy over finances, but not today. Today I get to do whatever I want.


Dennis said...

Hi Kim!
I would definately buy them, if I had any money to spend. You've got it right. Let the creativity flow. Me, I'm in a panic and find myself trying to appeal to the general public. Which would be okay in Taos, but in Michigan? I'm going back to my Taos artistic self. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Gaela said...

Hi Kim, you're right, we are all feeling the crunch. The cost of our basic needs have increased the most I have ever seen in my lifetime while our earnings have not But, I have felt more inspired too. I'm having so much fun. I had bought flower seeds from and I'm loving the planting and watching things grow. But I love that pink bead and I would buy it right now:)

Joshie-boy said...

Hi Kim. You are most definitely right, but you are not alone. We are ALL feeling the crunch. There is no business I know of that is doing well. It's like everyone is scared and waiting for the other shoe to drop, so it's time for creativity, and if I had the money, I would buy that gorgeous pink bead in a heartbeat. At least you have beautiful scenery in Taos.

Naomi said...

Great attitude about the economy. I feel the crunch, too, but I love that you can also see it as liberating. And the beads are gorgeous!

Rosie said...

Oh I am so glad I happened into your blogspace! It IS liberating, creating for the sake of it and not considering your 'buyers', isn't it? I think your beads are amazingly beautiful, so just keep doing your thang!
Greetings form across the Pond!
BTW: The only podlife making money in the UK at present are the debt-collectors... ;-[

Michelle in the UK said...

Gorgeous beads Kim ! ~ as ALWAYS !! They look lovely, I can just see the light coming thru them, lovely !!!
I think our economy is gradually following yours, but what will be will be, no point in stressing over it we've still got beads !!!