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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I feel like I'm in a holding pattern this week - like a plane that's circling, circling, waiting for its turn to land. I can almost feel the spiraling energy up there above my head, ready to turn into Something New at any moment. Timing is everything, and Presentation is very important. There's little to report right now, so while you wait along with me - and thank you for that - here's a website I just ran across in my travels... TorsoPants. Even if you aren't a T-Shirt Person, you might enjoy this site. It's so well done. I wish I knew how to build something like this. If I could, I'd be sure to include talking fish for you. And know what? If you are a T-Shirt Person, and buy one through my link here (I recommend the one that says "let's fight some ballerinas"), they'll give me some money. How thoughtful of them. I post a lot of favorite websites here, but most of them don't do anything for me in return. This is a lovely change of pace. Win-win, Give-Give, Receive-Receive. A fine moment in time.

And actually... there is something rather big happening tomorrow, but I'm not telling you what it is yet. I don't really want anybody's two-cents-worth until after the fact... very mysterious of me, I know. If you'd like to speculate, go ahead and leave a comment here. If you're right, you won't win anything, but you'll feel pretty darn smart.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
You've been suspiciously quiet about your house, so I am praying you have made a counter offer that will come to fruiting tomorrow.

And you are packing,

And you will be in Oregon within a month.



Anonymous said...

and that unedited message should have said, "fruition".



Michelle in the sunny UK said...

Very funny T-shirts!!!

I bought some water today - don't normally but fancied something lemony ~ AND it said on the bottle, 'this water is made from fruit and clouds' - amused me !!
Cheers Kim !

Jean said...

I loved that site! jean