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Monday, October 30, 2006


This is a funny little side note to my morning... I was sitting at the table with my coffee, reading French Word A Day on the laptop, and I turned to Lucy (our dog), and said, "bonjour!". She cocked her head and looked sort of hopeful and happy. But when I turned my attention back to my email, she started her funny dog-talk thing. It was something like "roooOwww-ohhh", which generally means she has something on her mind. I thought she was confused because I was at the table, and not on the couch with Rick, where she expected me to be. Maybe she wanted me do go where I belonged and behave in a normal morning sort of way. She kept talking. I kept misinterpreting. Finally I realized that to Lucy, bonjour meant bone-jour. She normally gets a rawhide bone in the evenings, but I'd offered her a bone jour - a day bone, and yes please, she really did want one. Apparently, we have a French-speaking dog!


Chewy said...

Kim that is sooo cute! You had me laughing out loud reading your silly thought process on what your dog was French no less!


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

There is a whole dog community out there. Lucy could have her own blog!