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Friday, October 27, 2006

Snow on the pumpkin...

Did you hear about the big storm in Denver yesterday? Maybe you saw it first-hand, hopefully from your living room, sitting by the fire, with a nice cuppa hot something in hand. We got a bit of the storm here. We're about a 5 hour drive from Denver, but only 40 minutes from the Colorado border, so we get some of that Rocky Mountain weather now and then. The picture on the top is my view from the torch. It was snowing pretty hard, but didn't pile up much. I actually abandoned a lovely purple stringer-in-progress to grab my camera and get these pictures. I'm a sucker for early snow. Purple stringer happens every day. You can see in the pic on the bottom that there are still a lot of leaves on some of the trees. And there's my pumpkin, guarding the studio from monsters. I don't carve them anymore. No little kids around to insist on that messy project, and a whole pumpkin lasts longer than a cut one. Later, when it starts to get mushy, I'll let the goats eat it.

This morning the storm has passed, and we have a gorgeous, crystal day. The Taos Mountain Balloon Rally is scheduled for this weekend, and I saw a few balloons in town when I looked out earlier. We almost lost our little balloon event this year, so it's good to see that people cared about it enough to gather together and keep it going. We might go out there early tomorrow and join the happy frozen photographers. I used to have balloonist friends in Nevada. We spent a lot of popsicle-toes mornings out there, setting up, chasing, and sometimes getting a ride. There's nothing like it. It feels to me a lot like church feels to some people. Beautiful and calming and somehow centering. And sometimes you get champagne afterwards! We never had that at Saint Christopher's!

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